Bronze Casting Course Video Guide

This bronze casting video footage was taken during the summer metal casting courses held at M©@®† Studio and foundry, near Barnard Castle, Co. Durham. The video displays some of the processes involved in creating bronze castings using the lost wax method and ceramic shell molds.

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July 09 bronze casting summer school

News of the July summer school bronze casting workshop coming soon. All you brilliant foundry students who attended and would like to make a comment on their experience at the studio please log in and upload any pictures or feedback about the course, it’ll be much appreciated. Hope to see you all again in the future.

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Metal Casting Video on Jewelry

Hello, I came across this interesting video on metal jewelry casting. This video comes in three parts.. this being part one. It’s only four minutes worth of video footage, but still interesting..

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Studio Artwork

Work in the studio at the moment is from artists Sally Arnup and Derek Skinner.
Currently working on Dereks work which is posing a few challenges. The pieces in question are called Hobsons Choice, portraying dancers from the Ballet titled Hobsons Choice. Two figures joined by the arms and balanced on three points, the feet, to a bronze rectangular plinth.

Most foundries would cast the figures seperately and weld them back together after casting. This presents quite a few problems, not least the actual correct stance that the artist had in mind. For this reason the decision was made to mould and cast the figures in the exact stance the artist had set up in the wax models of the dancers. Both figures require casting as hollow bronzes, so a solid core investment has to be put into each figure, another tricky process. The calculation with all casting is to place the minimum amount of feeds or sprues to the wax patterns so as not to disturb too much surface detail. It’s a fine balance, not enough feeding to the right places and incomplete castings are the result.

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No1 Design Blog Post

Welcome to the M©@®† Design Blog!

Savage Lights

Please drop by again, and you never know… there might be more blogs by then 😉

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